Tamar Lando

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This paper explores the connection between fractal geometry and topological modal logic. In the early 1940's, Tarski showed that the modal logic S4 can be interpreted in topological spaces. Since then, many interesting completeness results in the topological semantics have come to light, and renewed interest in this semantics can be seen in such recent(More)
Consider a network linking the points of a rate-1 Poisson point process on the plane. Write Ψ ave (s) for the minimum possible mean length per unit area of such a network, subject to the constraint that the route-length between every pair of points is at most s times the Euclidean distance. We give upper and lower bounds on the function Ψ ave (s), and on(More)
This paper brings together Dana Scott's measure-based semantics for the propositional modal logic S4, and recent work in Dynamic Topological Logic. In a series of recent talks, Scott showed that the language of S4 can be interpreted in the Lebesgue measure algebra, M, or algebra of Borel subsets of the real interval, [0, 1], modulo sets of measure zero.(More)
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