Tamar Chikviladze

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WNV, 87.9% knew it was transmitted by infected mosquitoes. More than 75% of respondents described their level of concern regarding WNV as " not at all " or " somewhat. " Among the 149 respondents who were aware of WNV, 62 (41.6%) adopted PPBs to protect themselves or their families; more women than men adopted PPBs (Table). The most frequent PPB cited was(More)
In 2014 the highest annual case count of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) was detected in Georgia since surveillance began in 2009. CCHF is a high-fatality hemorrhagic syndrome transmitted by infected ticks and animal blood. In response to this immediate public health threat, we assessed CCHF risk factors, seroprevalence, and CCHF-related knowledge,(More)
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