Tamar Ben-Yedidia

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The currently available vaccines against influenza are viral strain specific and, hence, their efficacy is limited when the circulating strain is not the one included in them. We review herewith some of the more recently developed influenza vaccines and further describe our own data on the design of epitope-based broad-spectrum vaccine for human use. This(More)
A new vaccine, Multimeric-001, containing conserved linear epitopes from the HA, NP, and M1 proteins of influenza type A and type B strains was designed to protect against seasonal and pandemic influenza virus strains, regardless of mutations. We assessed its safety and tolerability and characterized humoral and cellular immune responses elicited by its(More)
Introduction: Influenza is a major respiratory viral infection of humans with high mortality and morbidity rates and profound economic impact. Although influenza vaccines are generally updated yearly to match the viruses expected in the coming season, genetic mutation and reassortment can result in unexpected novel strains. Therefore, it is important to(More)
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