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The problem of order-preserving matching is to find all substrings in the text which have the same relative order and length as the pattern. Several online and one offline solution were earlier proposed for the problem. In this paper, we introduce three new solutions based on filtration. The two online solutions rest on the SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple(More)
New bit-parallel algorithms for exact and approximate string matching are introduced. TSO is a two-way Shift-Or algorithm, TSA is a two-way Shift-And algorithm , and TSAdd is a two-way Shift-Add algorithm. Tuned Shift-Add is a minimalist improvement to the original Shift-Add algorithm. TSO and TSA are for exact string matching, while TSAdd and tuned(More)
We consider the problem of jumbled matching where the objective is to find all permuted occurrences of a pattern in a text. Besides exact matching we study approximate matching where each occurrence is allowed to contain at most k wrong or superfluous characters. We present online algorithms applying bit-parallelism to both types of jumbled matching. Most(More)
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