Tamami Honma

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Sera from bovine leukemia virus-infected cattle and sheep lysed fetal lamb kidney cells in the presence of rabbit complement. This cytolytic activity was removed completely from the sera by absorption with bovine leukemia virus (BLV). Antiserum against surface glycoprotein antigens of BLV contained cytolytic antibody but antiserum against the internal(More)
We previously observed that female mice survived significantly longer than male mice under fasting conditions. To elucidate the mechanism underlying the sex different effect of fasting, we analyzed various events induced in male and female mice. Kinetic analysis revealed that fasting elicited hypothermia and decreased muscle weight more apparently in male(More)
To clarify the effects of organic solvents on the central nervous system (CNS), we exposed rats to toluene or n-hexane gas or a mixture of the two compounds at 1000-8000 ppm for 8 h, and measured acetylcholine (ACh) content, choline acetyltransferase (ChAT) and acetylcholine esterase (AChE) activities in homogenized rat hippocampus. ACh was increased at low(More)
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