Tamalika Chaira

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Wireless ad hoc networks are characterized by random location of nodes, and the routes are generally multihop. A quantitative understanding of the relation between source-to-destination Euclidean distance and the hop count could provide us the knowledge about important network parameters such as granularity of localization, traffic load, end-to-end delay,(More)
A new image thresholding method using fuzzy divergence is proposed here. Gamma distribution is used for determining the membership function of the pixels of an image. The proposed technique minimizes the fuzzy divergence or the separation between the actual and the ideal thresholded image. 2003 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.
This paper introduces an image thresholding method using four types of fuzzy thresholding methods taking Gamma membership into account for determining the membership values of the pixels of an image. The effectiveness of this method is illustrated by using a set of images having various types of histograms. A comparative study on images has also been done.(More)
This paper proposes a novel and probably the first method, using Attanassov intuitionistic fuzzy set theory to segment blood vessels and also the blood cells in pathological images. This type of segmentation is very important in detecting different types of human diseases, e.g., an increase in the number of vessels may lead to cancer in prostates, mammary,(More)
This study presents a novel method to detect edges that clusters, thresholds, and then detects edges of tumour/ hemorrhage region using intuitionistic fuzzy set theory. Clustering segments image into several clusters and histogram thresholding eliminates unwanted clusters that are not related to tumour/hemorrhage region. Finally, image is edge detected,(More)
This paper gives a novel scheme using intuitionistic fuzzy set theory to enhance the edges of medical images. Medical images contain lots of uncertainties, as they are poorly illuminated and fuzzy/vague in nature. So, direct segmentation techniques will not produce better results. There are lots of researches on edge enhancement starting from non-fuzzy to(More)
Medical imaging has been an active area of research where abnormalities are detected non invasively. But dealing with medical images is a challenging task. Due to the complexity in the images, many of the structures are hardly visible; various soft computing techniques are applied by different researchers to process medical images. In order to carry out(More)