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IMPORTANCE Information on age-specific risk for Parkinson disease (PD) in patients with Gaucher disease (GD) and glucocerebrosidase (GBA) heterozygotes is important for understanding the pathophysiology of the genetic association and for counseling these populations. OBJECTIVE To estimate the age-specific risk for PD in Ashkenazi Jewish patients with type(More)
Review Protein–protein interactions in intracellular Ca 2 +-release channel function by J.J. Mackrill 345–361 Research Papers Proteins A sensitive immunoassay for rat fatty acid translocase (CD36) using phage antibodies selected on cell transfectants : abundant presence of fatty acid translocase/CD36 in cardiac and red skeletal muscle and up-regulation in(More)
BMP-dependent patterning in the Drosophila melanogaster wing imaginal disc serves as a paradigm to understand how morphogens specify cell fates. The observed profile of the transcriptional response to the graded signal of BMP relies upon two counter-active gradients of pMad and Brinker (Brk). This patterning model is inadequate to explain the expression of(More)
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