Tamás Vajk

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In this paper, we consider a large variety of solutions for the generation of Sierpinski triangles, one of the case studies for the AGTIVE graph transformation tool contest [15]. A Sierpinski triangle shows a well-known fractal structure. This case study is mostly a performance benchmark, involving the construction of all triangles up to a certain number of(More)
In software engineering, reliability and development time are two of the most important aspects, therefore, modeling environments, which aide both, are widely used during software development. UML and OCL became industry standards, and are supported by many CASE tools. OCL code checking, which has to be performed by these tools, has a specialty, as not all(More)
—Model-based development methodologies are gaining ground as software applications are getting more and more complex while the pressure to decrease time-to-market continually increase. Domain-specific modeling tools that support system analysis, simulation, and automatic code generation can increase productivity. However, most domain-specific model(More)
In software engineering, modeling with unified modeling language and object constraint language became industry standards and are supported by many computer-aided software engineering tools. The increasing number of the modeled functionalities results in complex models that need more and more textual constraints to express the hidden restrictions applied to(More)