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Undoubtedly the biggest success amongst the recent games console releases has been the launch of the Nintendo Wii. This is arguably due to its most innovative attribute—the wireless controller or " Wiimote. " The Wiimote can be used as a versatile game controller, able to detect motion and rotation in three dimensions which allows for very innovative game(More)
Mobile phones offer considerable challenges for game developers, and not least among them is the user interface, which is primarily optimized for number entry rather than for playing games. In fact, due to the limitations one of the most desirable criteria for mobile games has the design of games controlled by a one-button interface. However, this type of(More)
In this paper, we consider a large variety of solutions for the generation of Sierpinski triangles, one of the case studies for the AGTIVE graph transformation tool contest [15]. A Sierpinski triangle shows a well-known fractal structure. This case study is mostly a performance benchmark, involving the construction of all triangles up to a certain number of(More)
In software engineering, reliability and development time are two of the most important aspects, therefore, modeling environments, which aide both, are widely used during software development. UML and OCL became industry standards, and are supported by many CASE tools. OCL code checking, which has to be performed by these tools, has a specialty, as not all(More)
The popularity of smartphones is growing every day. Thanks to the more powerful hardware the applications can run more tasks and use broadband network connection, however there are several known issues. For example, under typical usage (messaging, browsing, and gaming) a smartphone can be discharged in one day. This makes the battery life one of the biggest(More)
Model-based development methodologies are gaining ground as software applications are getting more and more complex while the pressure to decrease time-to-market continually increase. Domain-specific modeling tools that support system analysis, simulation, and automatic code generation can increase productivity. However, most domain-specific model(More)