Tamás Terlaky

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We propose new methodologies in robust optimization that promise greater tractability, both theoretically and practically than the classical robust framework. We cover a broad range of mathematical optimization problems, including linear optimization (LP), quadratic constrained quadratic optimization (QCQP), general conic optimization including second order(More)
Interestingly, theory and algorithms for linear optimization an interior point approach that you really wait for now is coming. It's significant to wait for the representative and beneficial books to read. Every book that is provided in better way and utterance will be expected by many peoples. Even you are a good reader or not, feeling to read this book(More)
Conic quadratic optimization is the problem of minimizing a linear function subject to the intersection of an affine set and the product of quadratic cones. The problem is a convex optimization problem and has numerous applications in engineering, economics, and other areas of science. Indeed, linear and convex quadratic optimization is a special case.(More)
We demonstrate that if A1; :::; Am are symmetric positive semide nite n n matrices with positive de nite sum and A is an arbitrary symmetric n n matrix, then the quality of the semide nite relaxation max X fTr(AX) j Tr(AiX) 1; i = 1; :::;m; X 0g (SDP) of the optimization program xTAx! max j xTAix 1; i = 1; :::;m (P) is not worse than 1 2 ln(2m2) . It is(More)
In this survey we review the many faces of the S-lemma, a result about the correctness of the S-procedure. The basic idea of this widely used method came from control theory but it has important consequences in quadratic and semidefinite optimization, convex geometry and linear algebra as well. These were active research areas, but as there was little(More)
In this paper we propose a long{step target{following methodology for linear programming. This is a general framework, that enables us to analyze various long{step primal{dual algorithms in the literature in a short and uniform way. Among these are long{step central and weighted path{following methods and algorithms to compute a central point or a weighted(More)