Tamás Tóth

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In this paper we discuss a possible discrete approximation of non-metrical Minkowski distances. The existing approaches for Minkowski metrics considering distance functions based on local neighborhoods are not suitable for this task in their present form. We can overcome this difficulty with considering the minimum of such distance functions. In this way we(More)
In this paper we show how the distance functions generated by neighborhood sequences provides flexibility in image processing algorithms and image database retrieval. Accordingly, we present methods for indexing and segmenting color images, where we use digital distance functions generated by neighborhood sequences to measure distance between colors.(More)
Tail autotomy in lizards is an adaptive strategy that has evolved to reduce the risk of predation. Since tail loss reduces body mass and moving ability-which in turn are expected to influence thermal balance-there is potential for a trade-off between tail autotomy and thermoregulation. To test this hypothesis, we studied a common lizard (Zootoca vivipara)(More)
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