Tamás Tóth

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BACKGROUND Genetic factors have been implicated in the pathogenesis of osteoporosis, a common disorder in primary biliary cirrhosis. Oestrogen receptor-alpha gene, vitamin D receptor gene and interleukin-1 receptor antagonist gene are all attractive candidates for osteoporosis susceptibility. We investigated the polymorphisms of the above genes and bone(More)
This study recruited four sociocentric networks (n = 156) of men who have sex with men in Budapest, Hungary, and St. Petersburg, Russia. The sampling approach was based on identifying an initial "seed" in the community for each network, and then recruiting three successive friendship group waves out from the seed. HIV prevalence in the networks was 9%, and(More)
BACKGROUND Impaired autonomic function has been described in patients with chronic liver diseases from different aetiologies, and has proven to be a poor prognostic indicator. To date, it is not known how chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection affects the autonomic nervous system. AIMS In the present study, we compared cardiovagal autonomic function in(More)
OBJECTIVE To test a novel social network HIV risk-reduction intervention for MSM in Russia and Hungary, where same-sex behavior is stigmatized and men may best be reached through their social network connections. DESIGN A two-arm trial with 18 sociocentric networks of MSM randomized to the social network intervention or standard HIV/STD(More)
BACKGROUND The first clinical sign of chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection can be one of the various extrahepatic manifestations. During antiviral treatment, symptoms of HCV-associated neuropathies usually improve, but can also worsen and lead to discontinuation of anti-HCV therapy. Recently, we have reported autonomic dysfunction in patients with HCV(More)
In this paper we discuss a possible discrete approximation of non-metrical Minkowski distances. The existing approaches for Minkowski metrics considering distance functions based on local neighborhoods are not suitable for this task in their present form. We can overcome this difficulty with considering the minimum of such distance functions. In this way we(More)
In this paper we show how we can take advantage of using different distance functions in image processing applications. The proposed methods are based on well-known algorithms that use distance measurement. We focus on multidimensional image indexing and segmentation procedures, and also show examples for the extraction of such feature vectors that can be(More)