Tamás Tóth

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In this paper we discuss a possible discrete approximation of non-metrical Minkowski distances. The existing approaches for Minkowski metrics considering distance functions based on local neighborhoods are not suitable for this task in their present form. We can overcome this difficulty with considering the minimum of such distance functions. In this way we(More)
The first overall clinical description of envenomings by the lowland populations of the Balkan adder (Vipera berus bosniensis) is provided by this study. Fifty-four incidents have been collected retrospectively from the south-western Hungarian and the northern Croatian distribution area of the taxon. There were five (9%) asymptomatic, 24 (44%) mild, 12(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment and protection of wounds in horses can be challenging; protecting bandages may be difficult to apply on the proximal extremities and the body. Unprotected wounds carry an increased risk of bacterial contamination and subsequent infection which can lead to delayed wound healing. Topical treatment with antimicrobials is one possibility to(More)
In this paper we show how we can take advantage of using different distance functions in image processing applications. The proposed methods are based on well-known algorithms that use distance measurement. We focus on multidimensional image indexing and seg-mentation procedures, and also show examples for the extraction of such feature vectors that can be(More)
AIM To asses the relationship between severity of gastroesophageal refluxe disease and Epworth sleepiness scale as an indicator of daytime somnolence. METHODS One hundred and thirty-four patients underwent an upper panendoscopy as indicated by the typical reflux symptoms and were also investigated with regard to somnolence. Sleepiness was evaluated by(More)
In this paper, we present a novel approach for image database retrieval, which is a developing field with growing interest. Many features (e.g. color, shape, texture) can be considered to find similar images in the database for a given query image. We recommend a novel way of measuring the similarity which is based on calculating the norm of the similarity(More)