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Nowadays, systems built with FPGA devices are becoming more and more widely used. Their great advantage is their flexibility that arises from their programmable nature as compared to systems using application specific integrated circuits (ASICs). In addition to conventional applications, the modern programmable logic devices appear also in the scope of(More)
FPGA based hardware accelerators have become more and more important for bioinformatics applications. These applications use wide range of algorithms, including searches in large databases, sequence alignment, statistical analysis and image processing. A part of these algorithms can be efficiently accelerated using FPGA devices. Biological and biomedical(More)
The LOGSYS Development Environment is used as a versatile tool in different levels of the education of the B.Sc. and M.Sc. Embedded System courses. The motivation at the introduction was to provide an affordable platform to every student, which offers compatibility with the existing industry standard solutions, while can support practical design work from(More)
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