Tamás Péni

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This paper proposes a simple robust model predictive algorithm for discrete time uncertain systems having relatively fast dynamics, i.e. the time required to compute the next control action is the multiple of the sampling time. The method is based on the following concept: at time k the set of all possible k+N-th states is determined, and in the next N time(More)
This paper proposes a hierarchical formation stabilization method for vehicles having nonlinear dynamics. Supposing that the formation control problem is already solved for the case of linear vehicle dynamics, the method proposes a dynamic inversion based low-level control, which linearizes, at least approximately, the original vehicle dynamics so that the(More)
Visual detection based sense and avoid problem is more and more important nowadays as UAVs are getting closer to entering remotely piloted or autonomously into the airspace. It is critical to gain as much information as possible from the silhouettes of the distant aircrafts. In our paper, we investigate the reachable accuracy of the orientation information(More)
This paper proposes an interpolation based control framework as a possible solution to the constrained H ∞ control problem of discrete-time linear parameter varying (LPV) systems. The control policy is constructed by interpolating among pre-designed, unconstrained state feedback controllers. The required control performance and the fulfillment of the hard(More)
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