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Climate change may increase the incidence of waterborne diseases due to extreme rainfall events, and consequent microbiological contamination of the water source and supply. As a result of the complexity of the pathways from the surface to the consumer, it is difficult to detect an association between rainfall and human disease. The water supply of a(More)
AbstractAim:To investigate the effect of acute insulin administration on the subcellular localization of Na+/K+-ATPase isoforms in cardiac muscle of healthy and streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.Methods:Membrane fractions were isolated with subcellular fractionation and with cell surface biotinylation technique. Na+/K+-ATPase subunit isoforms were(More)
In the last two decades extensive study has been carried out on the isolation, identification and biosynthesis of the "endogenous digitalis-like compounds" whose physiological and pathophysiological functions are only starting to be understood. Besides ouabain (strophanthin) and digoxin, four further endogenous cardiac glycosides were isolated and(More)
Intake of acetaldehyde in alcoholic beverages, in central Europe, might explain the high rate of alcohol-related diseases in these countries. We measured the acetaldehyde level in 30 samples of home-made spirits and 12 samples of industry-made spirits from four central European countries, including 35 fruit-based and five grain-based spirits. Acetaldehyde(More)
Nanomaterials are getting rapidly developing practical applications, beside many others also in the clinical practice. Their beneficial attributes make the use of the nanostructures a large improvement in effective therapy as coating of implants, bone replacement materials, coating of active substances, nano-sized liposomes to achieve better pharmacologic(More)
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