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Novamidazofen (metamizol) has been used again as antipyretic and antirheumatic also in abroad recently. In aqueous solutions, such as injections, hydrolysis takes place in its formaldehyde sulfoxylate side chain resulting in an equilibrium mixture of novamidazofen and nor-amidazofen. A high-performance liquid chromatographic method was developed to study(More)
With a New Drug Application (NDA) innovative drug therapies are reaching the market in a specific dosage form for one or more clinically proven indications of which after expiration of the patent or the data exclusivity copies are launched using Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDA). Advanced therapies that emerged from launched molecules during their(More)
The complex-formation equilibria of mercury(II) with penicillamine have been investigated in acidic and neutral conditions. A liquid-liquid extraction method using dithizone as auxiliary ligand was applied for the determination of the stability constants of three differently protonated 1:2 metal/ligand complexes formed at pH<3. Evidence has been found by(More)
The aim of the present work was to extend our previous in-vitro drug release studies using semisolid dermatological bases with non-impregnated cellulose acetate membranes. A comparison of the performances of two apparatuses, the more commonly used Franz cell and the new modified USP (mini paddle with ointment holding cell) systems were applied to this work.(More)
A short overview has been given by the authors on the titrimetric assay methods of halide salts of organic bases in the pharmacopoeias of greatest importance. The alternative procedures introduced by the European Pharmacopoeia Commission some years ago to replace the non-aqueous titration with perchloric acid in the presence of mercuric acetate have also(More)
Quantitative thin-layer chormatographic method has been developed for the investigation of the degradation of injection formulations containing succinylcholinium chloride. The method is based on the denistometric determination of the main degradation product, choline at 430 nm after visualization with iodine vapour. The stability of the injection was(More)
The authors give an overview on the present role of the 7th Edition of the Hungarian Pharmacopoeia in the assurance of the good quality of medicines in Hungary. The reasons for the more and more limited applicability of the pharmacopoeia conflicting with its legal validity are shown for the most important groups of medicines. The authors, members of the(More)