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Turing mechanisms can yield a large variety of patterns from noisy, homogenous initial conditions and have been proposed as patterning mechanism for many developmental processes. However, the molecular components that give rise to Turing patterns have remained elusive, and the small size of the parameter space that permits Turing patterns to emerge makes it(More)
2010 1 Introduction The numerical solution of linear elliptic partial differential equations consists of two main steps: discretization and iteration, where generally some conjugate gradient method is used for solving the finite element discretization of the problem. However, when for elliptic problems the dis-cretization parameter tends to zero, the(More)
OBJECTIVE Skeletal-related events (SREs) among patients with bone metastases from lung cancer may be associated with considerable use of health care resources. We analyzed in- and outpatient hospital contacts in relation to SREs among all Danish lung cancer patients with bone metastases. METHODS For this cohort study, we used the Danish Cancer Registry(More)
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