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Dramatic technical progress in RNA synthesis and structure determination has allowed several difficulties inherent to the preparation, handling and structural analysis of RNA to be overcome, and this has led to a wealth of information about RNA structure and its relationship with biological function. It is now fully recognized that RNA molecules intervene(More)
BACKGROUND Metal ions participate in the three-dimensional folding of RNA and provide active centers in catalytic RNA molecules. The positions of metal ions are known for a few RNA structures determined by X-ray crystallography. In addition to the crystallographically identified sites, solution studies point to many more metal ion binding sites around(More)
RNA molecules are the only known molecules which possess the double property of being depository of genetic information, like DNA, and of displaying catalytic activities, like protein enzymes. RNA molecules intervene in all steps of gene expression and in many other biological activities. Like proteins, RNAs achieve those biological functions by adopting(More)
  • T Hermann, H Nejako Fta, J Locke Niar, K Pfannenstiel Optima, G Olivares Niar, J Tomblin Niar +1 other
  • 2005
Executive Summary Mass transportation systems and specifically bus systems are a key element of the national transportation network. Buses are one of the safest forms of transportation. Nonetheless, bus crashes resulting in occupant injuries and fatalities do occur. Therefore, crashworthiness research is a continuing effort. Using funding from the Federal(More)
The binding of aminoglycosides to RNA provides a paradigm system for the analysis of RNA-drug interactions. The electrostatic field around three-dimensional RNA folds creates localized and defined negatively charged regions which are potential docking sites for the cationic ammonium groups of aminoglycosides. To explore in RNA folds the electronegative(More)
The powerful explanatory paradigm of molecular biology requiring form to co-evolve with function has again been proven successful when, over the recent two decades, a wealth of biological functions have been uncovered for RNA. Previously considered as a mere mediator of the genetic code, RNA is now acknowledged as a key player in a wide variety of cellular(More)
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