Tamás Haidegger

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• We present the ongoing work towards a core ontology dedicated to the field of robotics and automation. • We describe the role of ontologies in robotics at large. • We provide a thorough review of service robot ontologies. • We describe the existing standards for robots, along with the future trends in the domain. • We define the current issues and(More)
— Unambiguous definition of spatial position and orientation has crucial importance for robotics. In this paper we propose an ontology about positioning. It is part of a more extensive core ontology being developed by the IEEE RAS Working Group on ontologies for robotics and automation. The core ontology should provide a common ground for further ontology(More)
Object tracking is a key enabling technology in the context of computer-assisted medical interventions. Allowing the continuous localization of medical instruments and patient anatomy, it is a prerequisite for providing instrument guidance to subsurface anatomical structures. The only widely used technique that enables real-time tracking of small objects(More)
BACKGROUND Hand hygiene compliance is generally assessed by observation of adherence to the "WHO five moments" using numbers of opportunities as the denominator. The quality of the activity is usually not monitored since there is no established methodology for the routine assessment of hand hygiene technique. The aim of this study was to objectively assess(More)
Rheological soft tissue models play an important role in designing control methods for modern teleoperation systems. In the meanwhile, these models are also essential for creating a realistic virtual environment for surgical training. The implementation of model-based control in teleoperation has been a frequently discussed topic in the past decades,(More)
— Robots and robotics are becoming more complex and flexible, due to technological advancement, improved sensing capabilities and machine intelligence. Service robots target a wide range of applications, relying on advanced Human–Robot Interaction. Medical robotics is becoming a leading application area within, and the number of surgical, rehabilitation and(More)