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Chip-scale integrated planar photonic sensing systems for portable diagnostics and monitoring are emerging, as photonic components are integrated into systems with silicon (Si), Si complementary metal-oxide semiconductor, and fluidics. This paper reviews progress in these areas. Medical and environmental applications, candidate photonic sensors, integration(More)
We demonstrate fast electrical modulation of freely propagating terahertz waves at room temperature using hybrid metamaterial devices. The devices are planar metamaterials fabricated on doped semiconductor epitaxial layers, which form hybrid metamaterial—Schottky diode structures. With an applied ac voltage bias, we show modulation of terahertz radiation at(More)
We present the design, fabrication, and measurement of a dual-band planar metamaterial with two distinct electric resonances at 1.0 and 1.2 THz, as a step towards the development of frequency agile or broadband THz materials and devices. A method of defining the effective thickness of the metamaterial layer is introduced to simplify the material design and(More)
We report the design, fabrication, and measurement of a terahertz metamaterial composed of single geometry electric field coupled resonators that has two closely spaced electric resonances near 1.0 and 1.5 THz. Due to the mutual coupling between the different resonances in the particle, the lower frequency resonance of this metamaterial is stronger than(More)
Reconfigurable metamaterial-based apertures can play a unique role in both imaging and in beam-forming applications, where current technology relies mostly on the fabrication and integration of large detector or antenna arrays. Here, we report the experimental demonstration of a voltage-controlled, silicon-based electromagnetic metamaterial operating in the(More)
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