Talma Kushnir

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The burnout syndrome denotes a constellation of physical fatigue, emotional exhaustion, and cognitive weariness resulting from chronic stress. Although it overlaps considerably with chronic fatigue as defined in internal medicine, its links with physical illness have not been systematically investigated. This exploratory study, conducted among 104 male(More)
Burnout signifies the chronic depletion of coping resources following prolonged exposure to emotionally charged demands. It is manifested by symptoms of emotional, physical and cognitive exhaustion, and is usually studied in relation to occupational stressors. We hypothesized that the major life crisis engendered by missile attacks would give rise to(More)
Pediatric oncology nursing is associated with highly stressful and emotional situations. This article describes and discusses major sources of occupational stress among a group of nurses participating in a stress management group. The stress sources for these nurses were preoccupation with death and dying, the professional image of the oncology nurse, the(More)
Although workplace supervisors may play a significant role in the return-to-work process, there are very few scientific references to this effect. This study surveyed supervisors' reactions, attitudes, and anxieties concerning the return-to-work of employees after myocardial infarction or coronary artery bypass graft. A total of 58 supervisors of employees(More)
Responding to a patient's psychological needs is central to nursing practice. The Psychological Medicine Inventory (PMI) assesses the level of interest, confidence, and perceived clinical abilities in addressing psychological aspects of patient care. The inventory was developed for use among physicians. This study examines the psychometric properties and(More)
OBJECTIVES The association between opportunities for continuing medical education (CME) and primary physicians' job stress, burnout and job dissatisfaction has not been investigated. It was hypothesized that participation in CME activities and perceived opportunities at work for keeping up-to-date with medical and professional developments would be(More)
BACKGROUND There is little empirical research examining the effects of burnout on objective measures of primary care physicians' behaviour in the medical encounter. OBJECTIVES We studied possible associations between primary care physicians' burnout and the rates of referrals. We conceptualized referral rate as a negative outcome of burnout because high(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined whether burnout at work is associated with leukocyte adhesiveness/aggregation (LAA), a phenomenon known to be affected by stress. METHODS The LAA levels of 179 employees (68 men and 111 women) of Tel Aviv University were determined when the employees underwent their annual routine medical checkup. Blood pressure and toxic(More)
As part of the Cardiovascular Occupational Risk Factors Determination in Israel (CORDIS) study, the association between marriage termination (divorce/separation or widowhood) and blood lipids and lipoproteins was examined in a sample of 351 healthy women employed in industry. Eighty-seven former spouses were each matched with three married women (N = 264)(More)
BACKGROUND Listening to music has a stress-reducing effect in surgical procedures. The effects of listening to music immediately before a cesarean section have not been studied. The objective of this study was to assess the effects of listening to selected music while waiting for a cesarean section on emotional reactions, on cognitive appraisal of the(More)