Talita Romero Franco

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The aim of this study was to highlight the challenges for early diagnosis and the difficulties observed in surgical treatment of patients with transsphenoidal meningoencephalocele associated with cleft lip and/or palate. We evaluated six male patients treated over the course of 4 years. Five patients presented encephalic herniation with nonfunctional brain(More)
The authors present their experience with the use of silicone implants in the buttocks after massive weight loss. The procedure is used in combination with gluteal dermolipectomy with or without dermal fat flaps. This report highlights the simplified method of identifying the gluteal muscles, recommends using the superior margin of the gluteus maximus(More)
Burns may cause emotional, aesthetic and functional sequelae. Extended or hypertrophic scars are usually difficult to repair using local tissues, and the use of skin grafts may cause further injuries to the donor sites. The use of tissue expanders may offer a better option in the treatment of burn sequelae. This is a report on our experience using tissue(More)
The authors describe an approach to neo-umbilicoplasty for patients with vertical midline scars and those who have undergone extensive tegumental resections after bariatric surgery. Two lateral pedicle flaps sutured to each other are used to shape a cutaneous wall tube in which the inverted end is anchored to the aponeurotic plane. A navel cavity of(More)
Plasma has been widely studied and used in many different situations to speed up healing with better tissue adherence and hemostasis. Research projects are now attempting to isolate platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet-poor plasma (PPP), making better use of their properties, particularly during operations and for wounds that are slow to heal. In view of(More)
Aesthetic alterations of the pubic area, whether constitutional or the result of excessive weight, if not treated, may become more evident after an abdominoplasty. The authors recommend a simple and effective technique to be performed simultaneously with abdominoplasty that leads to satisfactory results and does not interfere with the lymphatic drainage of(More)
Paracoccidioidomycosis (PCM) is the most important systemic mycosis in Latin America. It has been regarded as a multifocal disease, with oral lesions as the prominent feature. To provide useful information concerning the diagnosis and management of the disease, this study describes demographic and clinical data from the medical records of a consecutive(More)
Aesthetic deformities of both the upper and lower limbs are primarily a result of fat excess or flacidity. Surgical correction of these lipodystrophies should be done when clinical and physiotherapeutic methods fail to considerably reduce these deformities. The scars are generally large, conspicuous, and sometimes of poor quality, due to natural tension on(More)
We aimed to evaluate the treatment protocols for cleft lip and palate that are used in Brazil, to compare them with the ones proposed from elsewhere, and to discuss the official data about admission for treatment of cleft lip or palate, or both, in Brazil. We also assessed the importance of integrated action of different specialities to treat this(More)