Talia Weiss

Mark F. Haussmann1
Ádám Z. Lendvai1
Gretchen B Chapman1
Çağlar Akçay1
Frances Bonier1
1Mark F. Haussmann
1Ádám Z. Lendvai
1Gretchen B Chapman
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We examined how the format in which uncertainty information is presented affects two biases in humans' choice behavior. In a computer task, participants were given four common-ratio effect and four common-consequence effect problems in each of four different formats. In these problems, uncertainty information was described, as percentages (e.g., 80%) or as(More)
  • Ádám Z. Lendvai, Çağlar Akçay, Talia Weiss, Mark F. Haussmann, Ignacio T. Moore, Frances Bonier
  • 2015
Playbacks of visual or audio stimuli to wild animals is a widely used experimental tool in behavioral ecology. In many cases, however, playback experiments are constrained by observer limitations such as the time observers can be present, or the accuracy of observation. These problems are particularly apparent when playbacks are triggered by specific(More)
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