Tali H. Vishne

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Converging lines of evidence suggest a role for the mesolimbic dopamine system in the response to somatic antidepressant therapies. Here, we review evidence suggesting that antidepressant treatments of different types share the effect of increasing the sensitivity of dopamine D2-like receptors in the nucleus accumbens, clinical studies suggesting that(More)
Intractable hypotension due to septic shock is associated with high mortality rates in critically ill children worldwide. The use of terlipressin (triglycyl-lysine-vasopressin), an analog of vasopressin with a longer duration of action, recently emerged as a treatment of hypotension not responsive to vasopressors and inotropes. This was a retrospective(More)
The neural basis involved in novel metaphor comprehension in schizophrenia is relatively unknown. Fourteen people with schizophrenia and fourteen controls were scanned while they silently read novel metaphors, conventional metaphors, literal expressions, and meaningless word-pairs. People with schizophrenia showed reduced comprehension of both novel and(More)
BACKGROUND Bowel preparation prior to colonic surgery usually includes antibiotic therapy together with mechanical bowel preparation (MBP). Mechanical bowel preparation may cause discomfort to the patient, prolonged hospitalization, and water and electrolyte imbalance. It was assumed that with the improvement in surgical technique together with the use of(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine plasma homocysteine, vitamin B(12), and folate levels in females with restricting and bingeing/purging eating disorders (EDs). METHOD Adolescent and adult female patients were compared to appropriate control groups with regard to plasma homocysteine levels. RESULTS The plasma homocysteine level of the adult ED patients was higher(More)
OBJECTIVES Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is standard treatment of severe depression. The induction of a seizure is a core event in successful ECT. Although propofol is a frequently used anesthetic agent, one of its limitations is a reduction of seizure duration. No such effects have been reported regarding remifentanil, an ultrarapid-acting opioid that is(More)
Comprehension of conventional and novel metaphors involves traditional language-related cortical regions as well as non-language related regions. While semantic processing is crucial for understanding metaphors, it is not sufficient. Recently the precuneus has been identified as a region that mediates complex and highly integrated tasks, including retrieval(More)
Some menstrual disorders with distinct gynecological character such as amenorrhea or menometrorrhagia (MMR) may have psychogenic etiology. On the other hand, in menstrual psychosis (MP), a distinctly psychiatric disorder, the etiology is not necessarily psychogenic, but rather is hormonal-biological. We present 4 cases, one each of primary and secondary(More)
Our aim was to investigate the neurocognitive mechanisms recruited by adolescents with Asperger Disorder (AD), in comparison to controls, and to detect the underlying mechanisms during the complex information processing required for the performance of the Digit Symbol Substitution Test (DSST). Male adolescents (n=23; mean age 15.1+/-3.6 years) with a DSM-IV(More)