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  • M Matsuo, Y Takeshima, H Nishio, S N Gupta, V S Gupta, N Borad +106 others
  • 2016
Editorial New year's greetings M. Mizuguchi (Japan) 1 Memorial Dr. Masaya Segawa, Japanese pioneer in child neurology K. Hoshino (Japan) 2 Review Articles Contributions of Japanese patients to development of antisense therapy for DMD Original Articles Pediatric epilepsy following neonatal seizures symptomatic of stroke (Italy) 27 Predictive factors for(More)
BACKGROUND Fetal ventriculomegaly is a common and frequently leading neuroimaging finding in complex brain malformations. Here we report on pre- and postnatal neuroimaging findings in three fetuses with prenatal ventriculomegaly and brainstem kinking. We aim to identify key neuroimaging features that may allow the prenatal differentiation between diseases(More)
The effect of substance abuse on visuographic functions was investigated by comparing 4 groups from an Arabian Gulf population: 63 heroin abusers, 14 alcohol abusers, 43 polydrug abusers, and 48 control subjects. The visuographic function was evaluated using Benton's Revised Visual Retention Test. Analysis of covariance yielded an over-all group effect on(More)
Three male groups of heroin, alcohol, and polydrug abusers (n = 120) from an Arabian Gulf population were given Lanyon's Psychological Screening Inventory; their scores were compared with those of a group of 48 nonabusers. Only the polydrug-abusing group of 43 scored significantly higher than the nonabusers on the Alienation and Discomfort subscales.(More)
Critical flicker frequency of 40 undergraduate students, 20 men and 20 women whose mean age was 19.3 yr., was measured under monocular and binocular viewing conditions, using the Lafayette Visual Perception Control with Display Unit. Half of the subjects received monocular treatment first and binocular treatment second, and the other half received the(More)
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