Talha H Imam

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BACKGROUND Several reviews have recently detailed the beneficial effects of weight loss surgery for kidney function. However, these studies have a number of limitations, including small sample size, few done in chronic kidney disease (CKD) stages 3 and 4, and many not including the main bariatric surgery procedures used in the United States today. STUDY(More)
BACKGROUND Propofol is a popular anesthetic and sedative. Use of propofol has increased manifold in this country over the last decade, and it is most commonly used in intensive care settings. Its rapid action with short half-life, decreased cerebral oxygen consumption, and reduction of intracranial pressure are properties that have made it a favorite in the(More)
Alcoholism is a major problem globally and beer drinking is on the rise. Many of the alcoholics sustain only on beer for days and do not get adequate solutes in the form of food. Similar situation can arise in cases of decreased food intake due to severe deliberate restriction or other factors like decreased appetite from cocaine. In these cases, salt free(More)
There is an epidemic of obesity in the USA. Obesity significantly increases the risk of developing chronic kidney disease. Multiple studies have shown overall health and mortalityrelated benefits of medical and surgical weight loss. Renal benefits of bariatric surgery include decrease in proteinuria and hyperfiltration. There have only been a few small(More)