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The HITS and PageRank algorithms and K-Means clustering algorithm are two main methods for detecting spam machines. In PageRank algorithm, it is proposed to calculate weights based on different factors. Correct selection of weights has important role in the accuracy of the algorithm. In this paper, we propose a good method for convenient selection of(More)
Cybercrime is increasing at a faster pace and sometimes causes billions of dollars of business-losses so investigating attackers after commitment is of utmost importance and become one of the main concerns of network managers. Network forensics as the process of Collecting, identifying, extracting and analyzing data and systematically monitoring traffic of(More)
Detection methods in Distributed Denial of Service attacks try to detect attacks before the target machine is shutdown. There are two major methods for attack detection in target, Anomaly and Pattern-Based. Pattern-based methods are sensitive to attack signatures and as such cannot detect attacks when the attack patterns change slightly. Anomaly methods, on(More)
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