Tal Simchony

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This paper describes several texture segmentation algorithms based on deterministic and stochastic relaxation principles, and their implementation on parallel networks. The segmentation problem is posed as an optimization problem and two different optimality criteria a re considered. The first criterion involves maximizing the posterior distribution of the(More)
This paper proposes the use of associative memories for obtaining preliminary parameter estimates for nonlinear systems. For each parameter vector r, in a selected training set, the system equations are used to determine a vector s, of system outputs, An associative memory matrix M is then constructed which optimally, in the least squares sense, associates(More)
Summary form only given. A novel technique for image estimation which preserves discontinuities is presented. Gibbs distributions are used for image representations. These distributions also incorporate unobserved discontinuity variables or line processes. The degradation model is also Gibbs, which yields a posterior Gibbs distribution. The authors are(More)
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