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The function of the vertebrate eye depends on its absolute size, and the size is presumably adapted to specific needs. We studied the variation of eye size at all levels, from intra-individual to inter-specific, in lid- less, spectacled, gecko lizards (Gekkonomorpha). We mea sured 1,408 museum specimens of 62 species, representing subfamilies(More)
Disturbances' role in shaping communities is well documented but highly disputed. We suggest replacing the overused two-trait trade-off approach with a functional group scheme, constructed from combinations of four key traits that represent four classes of species' responses to disturbances. Using model results and field observations from sites affected by(More)
Recently, Mingo has analyzed the properties of I imp, an importance index, and demonstrated that its range is not symmetrical. While agreeing with this comment, we believe that more light needs to be shed on the issue of symmetry in relation to such indices. Importance indices are calculated using three values: performance of the organism in the absence and(More)
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