Tal Pasternak

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Alfalfa leaf protoplast cultures were used to study the role ofexogenously supplied auxin and cytokinin on the level and activity ofCdc2-related protein kinases and progression through the first celldivision cycle after re-activation of cell division. Among the threealfalfa Cdc2-related kinases studied, the Cdc2MsA/B kinase (PSTAIRE)showed only significant(More)
Gabor Karsai, Gautam Biswas, Sriram Narasimhan, Tal Pasternak, and Tivadar Szemethy Institute for Software Integrated Systems Vanderbilt University PO Box 1829 Station B Nashville, TN 37235,USA {gabor,biswas,nsriram,tal.pasternak,tivadar}@vuse.vanderbilt.edu Gabor Peceli, Gyula Simon, and Tamas Kovacshazy Department of Measurement and Information Systems(More)
Model based approaches to diagnosis for dynamic systems have been based on continuous and discrete event models. Systems that combine continuous and discrete behaviors, i.e., hybrid systems have been typically abstracted into discrete event models or approximated by continuous models with steep slopes so that existing algorithms can be applied for fault(More)
Theauxin efflux carrier PIN1 is a key mediator of polar auxin transport in developing plant tissues. This is why factors that are supposed to be involved in auxin distribution are frequently tested in the regulation of PIN1 expression. As a result, diverse aspects of PIN1 expression are dispersed across dozens of papers entirely devoted to other specific(More)
Complex control applications require a capability for accommodating faults in the controlled plant. Fault accommodation involves the detection and isolation of faults, and taking an appropriate control action that mitigates the effect of the faults and maintains control. This requires the integration of fault diagnostics with control, in a feedback loop.(More)
Antibody expression and immunomodulation are modern molecular techniques to produce pharmaceuticals and to interfere with cellular metabolism or pathogen infectivity in plants. Nonetheless, there is still no generally applicable strategy to express correctly folded active antibodies or antibody fragments in different cell compartments. To facilitate(More)
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