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Positional information is pivotal for establishing developmental patterning in plants, but little is known about the underlying signalling mechanisms. The Arabidopsis root radial pattern is generated through stereotyped division of initial cells and the subsequent acquisition of cell fate. short-root (shr) mutants do not undergo the longitudinal cell(More)
The YODA (YDA) mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway promotes elongation of the Arabidopsis zygote and development of its basal daughter cell into the extra-embryonic suspensor. Here, we show that the interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase (IRAK)/Pelle-like kinase gene SHORT SUSPENSOR (SSP) regulates this pathway through a previously unknown(More)
The self-renewal characteristics of stem cells render them vital engines of development. To better understand the molecular mechanisms that determine the properties of stem cells, transcript profiling was conducted on quiescent center (QC) cells from the Arabidopsis thaliana root meristem. The AGAMOUS-LIKE 42 (AGL42) gene, which encodes a MADS box(More)
In plants, changes in local auxin concentrations can trigger a range of developmental processes as distinct tissues respond differently to the same auxin stimulus. However, little is known about how auxin is interpreted by individual cell types. We performed a transcriptomic analysis of responses to auxin within four distinct tissues of the Arabidopsis(More)
Division of the Arabidopsis zygote defines two fundamentally different developmental domains, the proembryo and suspensor. The resulting boundary separates domain-specific gene expression, and a signal originating from the proembryo instructs the suspensor to generate the root stem cell niche. While root induction is known to require the phytohormone auxin(More)
The primary axis and main tissue types of Arabidopsis are laid down in the early embryo. Apical-to-basal auxin flux functions as a global organizer of the axis, and recent reports are clarifying our mechanistic understanding of how a graded auxin distribution is generated and interpreted. Polar targeting of PIN transporters in the cells of the embryo is(More)
The definition of cell identity is a central problem in biology. While single-cell RNA-seq provides a wealth of information regarding cell states, better methods are needed to map their identity, especially during developmental transitions. Here, we use repositories of cell type-specific transcriptomes to quantify identities from single-cell RNA-seq(More)