Tal Eidlitz Markus

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The aim of the study was to investigate clinical features of headache associated with minor versus moderate to severe traumatic brain injury and of posttraumatic versus primary headache in children and adolescents. Study group included 74 patients after mild (n = 60) or moderate to severe (n = 14) traumatic brain injury identified by retrospective review of(More)
Results Mean age of the cohort was 11.69±3.49 years, and mean frequency of headache per month, 13.68±11.26. Mean age at migraine onset in patients with a negative parental history was10.48±3.39 years. Mean age at migraine onset in patients with a history of only paternal migraine was 9.29±3.64 years; with a history of only maternal migraine, 8.85±3.76(More)
OBJECTIVE The responses of different patients to the same drug may vary as a consequence of biologic, psychosocial, and genetic differences. The aim of this study was to identify clinical factors associated with a response to pharmacologic treatment in pediatric patients with migraine. METHODS The medical files of patients with migraine attending the(More)
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