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In this paper, we present a framework for detecting interest points in 3-D meshes and computing their corresponding descriptors. For that, we propose an intrinsic scale detection scheme per interest point and utilize it to derive two scale-invariant local features for mesh models. First, we present the scale-invariant spin image local descriptor that is a(More)
Feature-based approaches have recently become very popular in computer vision and image analysis applications, and are becoming a promising direction in shape retrieval. SHREC’11 robust feature detection and description benchmark simulates the feature detection and description stages of feature-based shape retrieval algorithms. The benchmark tests the(More)
We present a technique for computing piecewise linear approximations of geodesics on point set surfaces by minimizing an energy function defined for piecewise linear path. The function considers path length, closeness to the surface for the nodes of the piecewise linear path and for the intermediate line segments. Our method is robust with respect to noise(More)
A method for representation and lossy compression of textured surfaces is presented. The input surfaces are represented by surfels (surface elements), i.e., by a set of colored, oriented, and sized disks. The position and texture of each surfel are mapped onto a sphere. The mapping is optimized for preservation of geodesic distances. The components of the(More)
A method for lossy compression of genus-0 surfaces is presented. Geometry, texture and other surface attributes are incorporated in a unified manner. The input surfaces are represented by surfels (surface elements), i.e., by a set of disks with attributes. Each surfel, with its attribute vector, is optimally mapped onto a sphere in the sense of geodesic(More)
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