Tal Araten-Bergman

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This article is based on a secondary analysis of a random sample of 512 Israeli parents of children with disabilities (ages 3-17) regarding their consideration of out-of-home placement. Major findings showed that Arab parents reported greater levels of personal and family burden compared to Jewish parents. Despite that fact, Arab parents rarely considered(More)
This Israeli national study examined a research model predicting parental behavioral involvement with their adult children several years after their placement in institutional care. The sample studied consisted of 278 parents of children with intellectual disabilities in Israel between January 1993 and December 2001. Predictors of behavioral involvement(More)
BACKGROUND Employment, social capital, and community participation have emerged in recent years as significant concepts for realizing the human rights of individuals with disabilities. Yet the theoretical interrelationship of these concepts remains largely overlooked, as does the empirical basis for understanding the underlying connections. OBJECTIVES(More)
The research studies the quality of life (QOL) of 127 men and women diagnosed as having a borderline IQ and ADHD living in two major residential programs of the Sharon region in central Israel in respect to their personal, disability, and social ecological variables. Core findings indicate that men and women differ significantly according to their(More)
Focus groups were used to study differences between Israeli and U.S. nonprofit and for-profit employers' hiring intentions of potential employees with disabilities. Major differences were found between for-profit and nonprofit employers' hiring intentions rather than according to their national affiliation. However, U.S. for-profit employers would hire(More)
The policy toward Israeli veterans with disabilities is based on the Invalids Law (Benefits and Rehabilitation) of 1949 . This legislation has served as the foundation for an intricate disability policy, providing benefits and psychosocial services for veterans with disabilities. Sixty two years later, in light of the emergence of a new social model and(More)
OBJECTIVE In recent years, there are an increasing number of individuals with schizophrenia who are aging within the general society. Self-etiology of the illness refers to its causal attributions by this population as part of the life review process. The aim of this paper is to develop knowledge from the perspective of older people with schizophrenia(More)
BACKGROUND The present study aimed to explore the applicability of the attribution model to social workers' attributions towards clients with dual diagnosis of intellectual disability and psychiatric illness. Specifically, the study examined the relations between social workers' attribution of responsibility, causality, stereotypes of dangerousness, their(More)
The aim of this study was to explore the subjective experience of suffering in aging individuals with schizophrenia. Qualitative interviews were conducted with 18 participants aged 60-69. Phenomenological content analysis was performed. Nine dimensions of suffering emerged: social rejection; familial rejection; the symptoms of schizophrenia;(More)