Takyuto Fukuda

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Urban traffic control is the main factor that contributes to traffic jam. Approach in distributed Urban traffic control has been developed in several research, but the coordinating controller factor is basically a quite complicated task to tackle, because between intersection have dependency, so required a method of distributed control system capable for(More)
An electronic nose system had been developed by using 16 quartz resonator sensitive membranes-basic resonance frequencies 20 MHz as a sensor, and analyzed the measurement data through various neural network as a pattern recognition system. The developed system showed high recognition probability to discriminate various single odors even mixture odor to its(More)
  • Jatmiko W, Jovan F, Dhiemas R Y S Alvissalim, M Sakti, M Fanany, Febrian A Ivan +2 others
  • 2011
Research topics in robotic application is quite varies but one of the most interesting topic is odor source localization. This research combine the robot ability to recognize odor and track the movement so that robot can find the source. Most of the research are done to improve the algorithm to localize the source by using simulation software. This paper(More)
  • Jatmiko W, Fanany M Ivan, Febrian A, Pambuko W, Nugraha A, Alvissalim M Sakti +4 others
—Research using the Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) with robots as agents for solving odor source localization in dynamic advection-diffusion environment had been developed. Simulation and real-world implementation are used to verify the robustness of PSO for odor source localization. Result verifies that PSO is feasible to be implemented either(More)
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