Takuyo Kogure

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To ensure secure content delivery, the Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG) has dedicated significant effort to the digital rights management (DRM) issues. MPEG is now moving from defining only hooks to proprietary systems (e.g., in MPEG-2, MPEG4 Version 1) to specifying a more encompassing standard in intellectual property management and protection (IPMP).(More)
A new approach to 3D Cinematography based on Space-Sampling method is presented. This method treats a projected 3D image space instead of a linear 3D space. It well matches with the visual perception and nicely reduces the data size needed for 3D scenes. It also matches with the 3D camera-shooting and the 3D displays requiring no eyewear. Space-Sampling(More)
Discrete cosine transform (DCT) is a very popular coding algorithm for high compression ratio bandwidth reduction of digital video image sequences. Basically, DCT converts statistically dependent picture elements (pixels) into independent coefficients. The results are usually energy concentrated in only a few of the coefficients containing the main part of(More)
This paper addresses the problem of overall quality measure for high-quality three-dimensional (3D) images employing a new criteria: reality, which is defined as a function of picture parameters relating to immersion, picture quality and 3D sensation. Based on this criterion, the subjective quality and the objective quality of 3D images displayed by(More)
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