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A circular multilayer zone plate (MZP) was fabricated and its focusing performance was evaluated using 20-keV x-rays. MoSi(2) and Si layers were alternately deposited by DC magnetron sputtering on a wire core; all the interfaces satisfied the Fresnel zone condition. The measured line spread function was converted to a point spread function by tomographic(More)
A vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) consists of vehicles (mobile nodes) and road side units which are equipped with the wireless devices such as wireless LANs. Mobile nodes exchange the information messages with each other so that VANETs are configured in a self-organized manner. As one of the application scenarios (use case) in VANETs, there is the(More)
A new method is proposed for nanoscale hard x-ray measurements. This method uses a reflection on a heavy-metal wire that functions as a single slit with a nanoscale aperture for a parallel x-ray beam. This "nanoslit" can be used to perform high-spatial-resolution measurements of the intensity distribution of a wavefront that diverges from an aperture. In(More)
This paper presents an estimation method of the vocal tract spectrum from articulatory movements. The method is based on the interpolation of spectra obtained by phoneme-dependent neural networks. Given the phonemic context and articulation timing corresponding to each phoneme, the proposed method first transforms articulator positions to phoneme-dependent(More)
A calcium (Ca)-deficient hydroxyapatite was investigated for its potential to remove Sr2+ from environmentally relevant water. We conducted sorption tests on solutions containing magnesium ion (Mg2+) and calcium ion (Ca2+) as competing cations at a strontium ion (Sr2+) concentration of 0.05 mmol/L. The Ca-deficient hydroxyapatite maintained a high Sr2+(More)
In this work, Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS) of a pendular liquid bridge formed between two relatively moving particles are performed to evaluate the normal component of the viscous force exerted on the particles. The viscous force obtained are non-dimensionalised in order to clarify the parameters which can affect the dimensionless force. The DNS(More)
The sinking of an intruder sphere into a powder bed in the apparently fixed bed regime exhibits complex behavior in the sinking rate and the final depth when the sphere density is close to the powder bed density. Evidence is adduced that the intruder sphere locally fluidizes the apparently fixed powder bed, allowing the formation of voids and percolation(More)
The cerium oxidation states in single catalyst particles of Pt/Ce2Zr2O(x) (x=7 to 8) were investigated by spatially resolved nano X-ray absorption fine structure (nano-XAFS) using an X-ray nanobeam. Differences in the distribution of the Ce oxidation states between Pt/Ce2Zr2O(x) single particles of different oxygen compositions x were visualized in the(More)
There is limited information on the mechanism for platinum oxidation and dissolution in Pt/C cathode catalyst layers of polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFCs) under the operating conditions though these issues should be uncovered for the development of next-generation PEFCs. Pt species in Pt/C cathode catalyst layers are mapped by a XAFS (X-ray absorption(More)
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