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A circular multilayer zone plate (MZP) was fabricated and its focusing performance was evaluated using 20-keV x-rays. MoSi(2) and Si layers were alternately deposited by DC magnetron sputtering on a wire core; all the interfaces satisfied the Fresnel zone condition. The measured line spread function was converted to a point spread function by tomographic(More)
Significant populations of field L and T dwarfs are now known, and we anticipate the discovery of even cooler dwarfs by Spitzer and ground–based infrared surveys. However , as the number of known L and T dwarfs increases so does the range in their observational properties, and difficulties have arisen in interpreting the observations. Although modellers(More)
Our observations with the ISO SWS revealed that H 2 O band at 2.7 µm appears as absorption already in an M2 giant β Peg and strengthens towards later M giants. Further, CO 2 4.2 µm band appears as absorption in an M7 giant SW Vir and especially strong in a Mira variable S Vir. The excitation temperatures of these molecular bands estimated from their band(More)
A new method is proposed for nanoscale hard x-ray measurements. This method uses a reflection on a heavy-metal wire that functions as a single slit with a nanoscale aperture for a parallel x-ray beam. This "nanoslit" can be used to perform high-spatial-resolution measurements of the intensity distribution of a wavefront that diverges from an aperture. In(More)
In this work, Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS) of a pendular liquid bridge formed between two relatively moving particles are performed to evaluate the normal component of the viscous force exerted on the particles. The viscous force obtained are non-dimensionalised in order to clarify the parameters which can affect the dimensionless force. The DNS(More)
In connection with our another project a relatively large quantity of 5 was required. We, therefore, investigated the reaction of 3 with TsOH; this gave a diene mixture 7a, 7b, 6 and 5 in a ratio of 8:2:4:1. Almost the same 8:2:1 "equilibrium mixture" of the dienes 7a, 7b and 5 was also obtained when the purified samples of 5 and 7a were independently(More)
The cerium oxidation states in single catalyst particles of Pt/Ce2Zr2O(x) (x=7 to 8) were investigated by spatially resolved nano X-ray absorption fine structure (nano-XAFS) using an X-ray nanobeam. Differences in the distribution of the Ce oxidation states between Pt/Ce2Zr2O(x) single particles of different oxygen compositions x were visualized in the(More)