Takuya Takeda

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To examine the amplification of the effects of low-frequency electric fields due to the junction between the cells, the amplitude of transmembrane potential P(TMP0), the time-averaged normal stress sigma(n) and the outward force density sigma(out) on the shell-phase, and the squared intensity I(ee) of electric fields in the inner and the outer phases(More)
Music applications, like a GarageBand, have become more popular today because they afford intuitive comfortable visual interface for users to play, remix, and compose music. But visually impaired people have difficulties to use such a software application. Therefore, this paper introduces a novel music interface for visually impaired people using daily(More)
We have developed a new method for synthesizing chiral isotwistane and homoisotwistane skeletons as well as aminocyclitols in a highly stereoselective manner. These results were achieved through the use of a common intermediate, which was derived from the ytterbium-catalyzed asymmetric Diels-Alder reaction of Danishefsky diene.
A Ni(NTf2)2 and tetradentate bisimino-bisquinoline ligand complex catalyzed the enantioselective Nazarov cyclization of heteroaryl vinyl ketones. An X-ray-quality crystal was obtained from a mixture of the Ni complex and the substrate, which was the dinuclear chiral Ni complex. From information regarding the structure of the complex, the substrate was(More)
[Purpose] The time-series waveforms of mechanical energy generation, absorption, and transfer through the joints indicate how movements are produced and controlled. Previous studies have used these waveforms to evaluate and describe the efficiency of human movements. The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of trunk flexion on mechanical(More)
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