Takuya Nishiya

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Delipidated bacteriorhodopsin purified from purple membrane of H. halobium was reconstituted with the circular dichroism active phospholipid. The observed circular dichroism spectra in the 450-700 nm region characteristic of bacteriorhodopsin showed the temperature dependence characterized by a midpoint at ca. 45 degrees C and this spectral change showed(More)
Interactions of melittin and/or phospholipase A2 (PLA2) with circular dichroism (CD)-active phospholipid, bis(4'-n-octanoxyazobenzene-4-carboxyl)-L-alpha-phosphatidylcholin e (CDPC), were studied. In the presence of melittin at a lipid-to-melittin molar ratio (Ri) of 5, multilamellar dispersion, composed of CDPC and dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine with a(More)
Monosialogangliosides (GM) purified from bovine brain were incorporated into circular dichroism (CD)-active liposomes and the effects of GM on the membrane dynamics were studied by CD spectroscopy. In the presence of 7 mol% of GM, the phase transition temperature (Tc) of the membrane increased by ca. 10 degrees C compared with the membrane without GM and(More)
The interactions of platelets and liposomes with the tripeptide arginine-glycine-aspartic acid (RGD) as a surface ligand (RGD liposomes) were studied. The results suggest that the presence of the RGD ligand on the liposomes results in receptor-mediated mixing of lipid and aqueous contents of the liposomes and platelets. Mixing of the lipid and aqueous(More)
We studied the interaction of stearylamine (SA) containing liposomes (SA-liposomes) with erythrocyte ghost (EG) or platelets, utilizing the Tb/dipicolinate (Tb/DPA) assay for the mixing of aqueous contents and a resonance energy transfer (RET) assay for the mixing of lipid. The results demonstrate that SA-liposomes and EG, after aggregation, have a great(More)
The circular dichroism (CD) active phospholipid bis(4'-n-octanoxyazobenzene-4-carboxyl)-L-alpha-phosphatidylcholin e (CDPC) was used to study the effects of carboxymethyl-chitin (CM-chitin) on the membrane dynamics. For this purpose, CD and electronic spectra were observed for a mixture of CM-chitin and liposomes composed of CDPC and egg lecithin (EPC) (50%(More)
Background:On the basis of preclinical studies of NC-6004, a cisplatin-incorporated micellar formulation, we hypothesised that NC-6004 could show lower toxicity than cisplatin and show greater anti-tumour activity in phase I study.Methods:A total of 17 patients were recruited in a range of advanced solid tumour types. NC-6004 was administered intravenously(More)
A group of circular dichroism (CD) active phospholipids has been synthesised, in which one or both acyl chains has been replaced with a cinnamoyl or azobenzene chromophore-containing acid. Studies on the structure, CD activity and thermodynamic property of liposome membranes composed of CD active phospholipids were carried out. CD active liposomes were(More)
A detailed kinetic study on the successive four-step reduction of cyt c3, which has four heme units in a single protein, III4 leads to III3II leads to III2II2 leads to III II3 leads to II4, was carried out by stopped-flow electronic spectroscopy (SF-UV) and stopped-flow circular dichroism spectroscopy (SF-CD). Based on the absorbance change vs. time and the(More)
Toxic effects of liposomes composed of the synthetic lipid, 1,2-bis(octadeca-2,4-dienoyl)-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (C18DENPC) and cholesterol (Cho) were studied. In the present work, we have explored, 1) fusion between C18DENPC/Cho-liposomes and erythrocyte ghost (EG) membranes with resonance energy transfer assay, 2) hemolysis induced by(More)