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The performance of the Message Passing Interface collective communications is a critical issue to high performance computing widely discussed. In this paper we propose a mechanism that dynamically selects the most efficient MPI Alltoall algorithm for a given system/workload situation. This implementation method starts by grouping the fast algorithms based(More)
In this paper, we propose a simple general-purpose road boundary detection method, which can detect low height curbs, curved curbs, slopes, vegetation and ditches. Many conventional methods based on DEM (digital elevation map) can only deal with ordinary curbs because they use step-edge detection on the DEM. The proposed method detects height changes(More)
  • T. Hattori, K. Tokugawa, J. Fukushige, H. Tasaki, T. Nanri, K. Ueda
  • 2006
A case of facial palsy was reported initially in 1974 by Murayama [8] as one of the neurological manifestations in Kawasaki disease. Thereafter, an additional nine case have been documented in Japan. This facial palsy, in the revised “Diagnostic Guideline of Kawasaki Disease” released in 1984, has been added recently as one of the neurological signs and(More)
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