Takuya Mizoguchi

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The evolution of charged-particle production in collisions of heavy ions at relativistic energies is investigated as function of centrality in a nonequilibrium-statistical framework. Precise agreement with recent d + Au and Au + Au data at √ sNN = 200 GeV is found in a Relativistic Diffusion Model with three sources for particle production. Only the(More)
Interesting data on dNch/dη in Au-Au collisions (η = − ln tan(θ/2)) with the centrality cuts have been reported by BRAHMS Collaboration. Using the total multiplicity Nch = ∫ (dNch/dη)dη, we find that there are scaling phenomena among (Nch) dNch/dη = dn/dη with different centrality cuts at √ sNN = 130 GeV and 200 GeV, respectively. To explain these scaling(More)
(dNch/dη)dη and find that there is scaling phenomenon among (Nch) dNch/dη = dn/dη with different centrality cuts at √ sNN = 130 GeV. To explain this scaling behavior of dn/dη, we employ a stochastic approach using the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process with two sources. A Langevin equation is adopted for this explanation. Moreover, comparisons of dn/dη at √ sNN =(More)
The extent of a locally equilibrated parton plasma in d + Au collisions at √ sNN = 200 GeV is investigated as a function of collision centrality in a nonequilibrium-statistical framework. Based on a three-sources model, analytical solutions of a relativistic diffusion equation are in precise agreement with recent data for charged-particle pseudorapidity(More)
In order to include a correction by the Coulomb interaction in Bose-Einstein correlations (BEC), the wave function for the Coulomb scattering were introduced in the quantum optical approach to BEC in the previous work. If we formulate the amplitude written by Coulomb wave functions according to the diagram for BEC in the plane wave formulation, the formula(More)
A compact model of GaN HEMT is developed, which solves the Poisson equations explicitly. The model includes all possible charges induced within the device including the trap density. It is verified that the model can reproduce all 2D-device simulation results accurately. In particular, the operation frequency dependence of the current collapse can also be(More)
In previous works, in order to include correction by the Coulomb wave function in Bose-Einstein correlations (BEC), the two-body Coulomb scattering wave functions have been utilized in the formulation of three-body BEC. However, the threebody Coulomb scattering wave function, which satisfies approximately the three-body Coulomb scattering Schrödinger(More)
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