Takuya Maruizumi

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A current-injected silicon-based light-emitting device was fabricated on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) by embedding Ge self-assembled quantum dots into a silicon microdisk resonator with p-i-n junction for current-injection. Room-temperature resonant electroluminescence (EL) from Ge self-assembled quantum dots in the microdisk was successfully observed under(More)
In this paper, a new function unit binding approach based on SAT is proposed. Differently from previous approaches, which heuristically minimize the total numbers of inputs of multiplexers, the proposed approach generates SAT formulas that constrain the numbers of inputs of specific multiplexers to certain numbers and produces a solution that satisfies the(More)
We demonstrate germanium (Ge) microdisks surrounded by highly reflective circular Bragg gratings on highly n-doped germanium-on-insulator (GOI) substrate. The GOI substrate is fabricated by wafer bonding from Ge grown on Si substrate, and n-type doping concentration of 2.1×10<sup>19</sup> cm<sup>-3</sup> is achieved by phosphorus diffusion from a(More)
Strong direct gap light emission is obtained from germanium-on-insulator (GOI) with tensile strain of 0.16% and ultra-high n-type doping concentration up to 1.0&#x00D7;10<sup>20</sup> cm<sup>-3</sup>. Microdisk resonators are also fabricated on GOI and show modulated emission spectra.
Room temperature light emission from Ge self-assembled quantum dots (QDs) embedded in L3-type photonic crystal (PhC) nanocavity is successfully demonstrated under current injection through a lateral PIN diode structure. The Ge QDs are grown on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafer by solid-source molecular beam epitaxy (SS-MBE), and the PIN diode is fabricated(More)
We conducted a first-principles examination to determine the most stable position of an icosahedral B12 cluster near a Si (001) surface. We discovered that such a cluster is most stable when its center is located at the fourth layer position from the Si top surface where a Si dimer sits directly overhead. Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) simulation(More)
Microdisk integrated with a bus waveguide is fabricated on silicon-on-insulator substrate containing Ge self-assembled quantum dots as active medium. The device is demonstrated to be operated as both light-emitting diode and photodetector. At forward bias, carriers are injected into the microdisk and light emission at 1.45-1.6 μm is extracted through the(More)
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