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We report on the measurement of deep inner-shell 2p X-ray photoelectron diffraction (XPD) patterns from laser-aligned I2 molecules using X-ray free-electron laser (XFEL) pulses. The XPD patterns of the I2 molecules, aligned parallel to the polarization vector of the XFEL, were well matched with our theoretical calculations. Further, we propose a criterion(More)
A novel experimental technique has been developed to observe a trace of optical absorption of free mass-selected ions. The technique combines a linear radio-frequency ion trap with a high-finesse optical cavity to perform cavity ring-down spectroscopy (photon-trap spectroscopy for generality), where the storage lifetime of photons in the cavity provides a(More)
We have successfully determined the internuclear distance of I2 molecules in an alignment laser field by applying our molecular structure determination methodology to an I 2p X-ray photoelectron diffraction profile observed with femtosecond X-ray free electron laser pulses. Using this methodology, we have found that the internuclear distance of the sample(More)
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