Takuya Kurihara

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This article analyzes the convergence property of the particle swarm optimization and its application to the nonlinear blind source separation system. The inter-particle communication of the particle swarm optimization is realized by the past history of the neighbors and depends on the network structure of the swarm. We focus on an average path length of(More)
This article discusses a design procedure of DCAC inverter. The DC-AC inverter is to produce a sinusoidal AC voltage with adjustable amplitude and frequency. Pulse-width modulation (abbr. PWM) is one of the most used techniques in static inverters. For the PWM, the switching angle is most important, and the switching angle controls the efficiency of DCAC(More)
Ligand-surface interaction of semiconductor nanoparticles (NPs) controls their optoelectronic properties, and thus examination of the interaction is essential for the nanoelectronic applications of NPs. Herein, solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is performed to unravel the ligand-surface interaction in cysteine-capped CdSe magic-sized clusters.(More)
The concept of simulation surgery was first proposed by Fujino in 19891 and reinforced in 1991.2 It is divided in two sections; empirical simulation surgery, where the surgical procedure is designed first in the surgeon's brain, and computer simulation surgery, where the disease condition and the possible surgical procedures can be viewed in(More)