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Background Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a major problem worldwide. Anti-microbial stewardship (AMS) has the vital aim of ensuring optimal use of antimicrobial medicines to minimize AMR. New strategies are needed to reduce AMR. It is vital to ensure that key stakeholders are involved in the development of these strategies. This study aimed to examine(More)
A PCR-dipstick chromatography technique was designed and evaluated for differential identification of blaNDM, blaKPC, blaIMP, and blaOXA-48 carbapenemase genes directly in stool specimens within 2 h. It is a DNA-DNA hybridization-based detection system where PCR products can be easily interpreted by visual observation without electrophoresis. The(More)
To elucidate whether the tryptophan residues in the vicinity of the catalytic site are involved in AP site recognition and are critical for AP endonuclease activity, the AP endonucleases of the four subtypes in the ExoIII AP endonuclease family were characterized and compared the positions of the tryptophan residues. The positions of the catalytic amino(More)
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