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OBJECTIVE Uterine transplantation experiments have been performed in various animal species for future clinical applications of uterine transplantation for permanent uterine factor infertility in humans. The aim of this study was to confirm the feasibility of uterine auto-transplantation in cynomolgus monkeys by developing new surgical techniques. METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND Volumetry, measurement of extremity volume, is a commonly used method for upper extremity lymphedema (UEL) evaluation. However, comparison between different patients with different physiques is difficult with volumetry, because body-type difference greatly affects arm volume. METHODS Seventy arms of 35 participants who had no history of arm(More)
Reconstruction of full-thickness abdominal wall defects remains a difficult surgical challenge. Although various reconstructive methods, including artificial mesh, pedicled and free flaps, have been reported, most reported reconstruction of only the fascia layer, leaving the resected rectus abdominis muscle unreconstructed. However, recent studies suggested(More)
BACKGROUND Early diagnosis and treatment are as important for management of secondary lymphedema following cancer treatment as in primary cancer treatment. Indocyanine green lymphography is the modality of choice for routine follow-up evaluation of patients at high risk of developing lymphedema after cancer therapy. METHODS Fifty-six limbs of 28 so-called(More)
Reconstruction of the external auditory canal (EAC) after resection of carcinoma has become widely performed in combination with tympanoplasty to retain hearing ability, thus improving quality of life. Although skin grafting has been commonly performed, stenosis, infection and delayed wound healing often occur postoperatively. Local flaps can cause less(More)
Various kinds of tissue expansion have been performed clinically with internal devices, but external expansion has not been previously investigated. We applied continuous external force on skin tissue in a mouse model. Four weeks of external suspension caused enlargement of the subcutaneous tissue, particularly adipose tissue, although the enlargement was(More)
Advances in cancer therapy have increased the importance of improvement of quality of life after cancer survival. Cancer-related lymphedema or secondary lymphedema that occurs after lymph node dissection in resection of tumors of abdominal visceral organs can impair quality of life. However, standard curative treatment for secondary lymphedema has not been(More)
OBJECTIVE This is the first paper to report the measurement of blood glucose in flaps to detect early flap congestion and flap salvage following immediate flap exploration. METHODS We performed blood glucose measurement in a superficial circumflex iliac artery perforator flap and an anterolateral thigh flap postoperatively using Medisafe-Mini (Terumo,(More)
Tissue-engineered skin equivalents composed of epidermal and dermal components have been widely investigated for coverage of full-thickness skin defects. We developed a tissue-engineered oral mucosa equivalent based on an acellular allogeneic dermal matrix and investigated its characteristics. We also tried and assessed its preliminary clinical application.(More)