Takuya Hosogi

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We report here sequence-specific liquid/liquid extraction of single-stranded DNA using reverse micelles (water-in-oil microemulsions), in which hybridization between a DNA-surfactant and a target DNA having a complementary sequence allows selective transport of the target DNA to an organic phase from a mixture of DNA oligonucleotides.
Guanine quenching of a fluorescence-labeled DNA probe is a powerful tool for detecting a mutation in a targeted site of a DNA strand. However, a different guanine adjacent to a targeted site can interfere with detection of a point mutation, resulting in unsatisfactory sensitivity. In the current study, we developed a simple method to improve sensitivity of(More)
We successfully implemented solvent extraction of short, single-stranded RNA using reverse micelles (water-in-oil microemulsions) with a DNA-surfactant. A thrombin-binding RNA aptamer was enzymatically synthesized and purified by extraction using the reverse micellar system. The extracted RNA aptamer retained thrombin-binding activity after the extraction(More)
We propose a novel method to prepare a DNA–protein conjugate using histidine-tag (His-tag) chemistry. Oligo-DNA was modified with nitrilotriacetate (NTA), which has high affinity to a His-tag on recombinant protein via the complexation of Ni2+. Investigations using a microplate which displayed a complementary DNA-strand revealed that a NTA-modified(More)
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