Takuya Handa

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The main goal of our research is to develop a haptic display that makes it possible to convey shapes, hardness, and textures of objects displayed on 3D TV. Our evolved device has three 5 mm diameter actuating spheres arranged in triangular geometry on each of three fingertips (thumb, index finger, middle finger). In this paper, we describe an overview of a(More)
KNIVES is proposed as Internet based demand and supply control system and controls power by using distributed and cooperative power control algorithm. However, if KNIVES aims to maintain indoor environmental amenity, installed locations and the numbers of environmental sensors are critical issues. Wireless sensor network is useful to measure environmental(More)
KNIVES (Keio University Network oriented Intelligent and Versatile Energy saving System) is an IT based system, designed for Japanese power grids, that supports efficient control and balanced power supply. As KNIVES focuses on the integration of a vast numbers of end-users, it provides the necessary scalability, reliability, and dynamic adaptability. The(More)
In this paper, we discuss a method for presenting virtual objects to multiple fingers on both hands using multiple single-point haptic devices operating over a network. We evaluated the effect of the number of fingers used on ability to recognize shapes using this system. The experimental results suggest that the number of contact points do not sufficiently(More)
KNIVES is a system for providing balanced power supply and effective demand control. This system controls the power of electric devices over the Internet, due to reduce total power consumption. For the control, KNIVES also considers indoor environmental affinity by using environmental sensors. In this paper, CO<sub>2</sub> sensor is implemented on KNIVES(More)
The main goal of our research is to develop a haptic display that conveys the shapes, hardness, and textures of objects displayed on near-future 3D haptic TVs. We present a novel handheld device, GraspForm. This device renders the surface shapes and hardness of a virtual object that is represented in an absolute position in real space. GraspForm has a(More)
We have prototyped a multi-finger haptic system that makes it possible to present a virtual object that applies attractive force to three fingers and the palm of the right hand, and evaluated the user’s perception of the size and shape of an object. It was suggested from the results of a size experiment that the size perception can be conveyed more(More)