Takuya Furukawa

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A growing body of evidence highlights the importance of biodiversity for ecosystem stability and the maintenance of optimal ecosystem functionality. Conservation measures are thus essential to safeguard the ecosystem services that biodiversity provides and human society needs. Current anthropogenic threats may lead to detrimental (and perhaps irreversible)(More)
In this project we aim to implement multiparty support in a Tour guide system with an Embodied Conversational Agent (ECA). We studied multiparty dialogue issues and adapted some of them to our system. As the outcome of the project, the first prototype of a tour guide system has been developed. The system can automatically detect presence of humans and(More)
We analyze the tendencies in choosing cut-edit points in personal video content edited by users on the Internet, and develop a method to automatically estimate cut-edit points based on the results. When we investigated the relationship among cut-edit points in personal videos using a space-time patch feature(STpatch feature), we realized that cut-edits were(More)
Embodied Conversation Agents (ECAs) have been proven to be a powerful tool for engaging and stimulating human interaction with a computer. Potential of such agents is being researched and tested in different-purpose systems, such as helpdesks, e-commerce applications, and various entertainment and educational systems. However, most topics related are(More)
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