Takuya Furuhashi

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It is widely recognized that tobacco smoke causes skin pigmentation. No studies, however, have directly evaluated the mechanisms of the changes in smoker's skin pigmentation. In this study, when cultured with water-soluble tobacco smoke extract, the human epidermal melanocytes grew to a large size and produced more melanins. We evaluated melanocyte(More)
BACKGROUND Photo(chemo)therapy is widely used to treat psoriasis, the pathogenesis of which might be caused by an imbalance of Th17 cells/regulatory T cells (Treg). In the present study, we evaluated the effects of photo(chemo)therapy on the Th17/Treg balance and Treg function. METHODS Peripheral blood was obtained from psoriasis patients treated with(More)
Environmental factors contribute to the increased prevalence of autoimmune diseases via T helper type-17 cell (Th17) activation. Tobacco smoking increases the risk of psoriasis, but the mechanisms are not clear. We evaluated the percentage of circulating Th17 among CD3(+) cells in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) obtained from 27 healthy volunteers(More)
In this open-label study, we investigated the efficacy of excimer light (308 nm) with a filter to cut off wavelengths below 297 nm for the treatment of palmoplantar pustulosis (PPP). Twenty patients with PPP were recruited and treated once a week for a total of 30 sessions. Patient response was assessed every 10 sessions based on the Palmoplantar Pustulosis(More)
Rosemary is commonly used as a spice and a flavoring agent in food processing. Although the antioxidative properties of its extracts have been investigated, there have been few reports on the volatile components of rosemary. We designed a novel antioxidative system which can generate the volatile constituents in the gaseous phase from a rosemary extract and(More)
This study investigated phototherapy-induced changes in certain adipokine levels in patients with psoriasis. Patients with psoriasis (n=36) were recruited and body mass index (BMI) and disease severity (Psoriasis Area and Severity Index) were recorded. Serum resistin and leptin levels before and after bath-psoralen and ultraviolet (UV) A or narrow-band UVB(More)
Vitiligo vulgaris is a refractory skin disease. Treatment modalities include topical steroids, phototherapy, suction blister roof grafts and cellular grafting techniques. Adverse effects may occur, however, and some cases remain unresponsive to treatment. To evaluate the efficacy of small (1-mm) punch minigraft therapy in relation to patient age, disease(More)
BACKGROUND To understand the clinical segments of IL-31 signaling blockade therapy in pruritus of atopic dermatitis (AD), direct detection of the target proteins in the diseased tissues will provide crucial information. There is a lack of direct evidence concerning the cellular origin of IL-31 in AD skins, and data on the expression of IL-31RA in AD are(More)