Takuya Funahashi

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We propose a system for extracting eye gaze information, and develop a couple of new human interface media by eye gaze information. For example, the observer wants to know visually how effectively the partner is interesting to him or not even on the net environment. To do this it is usually expected to utilize motion images. But, the observer wants to know(More)
We had been researching and developed the original caricature generation system PICASSO. We realized an automated PICASSO system called PICASSO-2. We exhibited the robot that used PICASSO-2 system in the named COOPER in which PICASSO-2 is fabricated, at Aichi Expo EXPO2005. This robot acquires the face image of the visitor, extracts the facial features(More)
Many image morphing methods require feature points meaning correspondence points between the input images by the hand. If user does not add feature points in detail, a noise called “ghost” appears in the output image. We propose a ghost removal method which extracts detailed feature points to modify a texture correspondence. The proposed(More)
Due to the miniaturization and complication of the size of electronic devices, it is recently required to maximize the inspection performance especially in precision. It is especially difficult to detect very small defects of the small electronic devices in size. In addition to these requirements, the performances of the inspection in cost and speed should(More)
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