Takuto Konishi

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In this paper, we review and introduce the optical spectrogram scope (OSS) as a powerful measurement instrument for response characteristic test of ultra-fast all-optical devices and sub-systems in photonic networks. In general, most of optical signals in photonic networks are basically composed of time and frequency resources. Since ultra-fast optical(More)
We report the attempt of 6 bit operation of optical quantization for photonic A/D conversion. Efficient optical quantization and optical coding in a bit-parallel format make it possible that provides 6 bit optical codes from 32 optical quantized pulses. The cascade operation of optical quantization and coding with 6 bit resolution was tested in our(More)
—Mobile device based personalized equalizer for improving the hearing capability of human voices in particular for elderly persons are proposed. Through experiments, it is found that the proposed equalizer does work well for improving hearing capability by 2 to 55 % of voice Recognition success ratio. According to the investigation of the frequency(More)
  • T. Konishi
  • 2007
This talk reviews opportunities of optical signal processing promoted by optical data form conversion for the next generation of photonics. The current physical advancements surrounding optical technology are summed up that ultra-short pulse and diffractive optics overlap each other in terms of spatial dimensions. It suggests that ultra-fast photonics and(More)
It is necessary to compensate an intensity variance of optical signals in optical networks for accurate data reception and accurate signal processing. In future packet-switching networks, it is feared that a large intensity variance of optical signals in optical packets would be caused by such a clock recovery, and a gain transient of EDFA, and so on. To(More)
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